Application Settings

This section gives an overview of available settings of a Koraki application


Represents the status of the widget. Can be active or inactive. If the status is inactive, it will not accept any notification creation from the API and the widget will not be visible on any website it's integrated with. This status considered to be the master switch of a Koraki application

Widget start delay in milliseconds

This value represents waiting time for the notifications to first appear on screen. The timer starts ticking as soon as the page is fully loaded and ready.

Delay between two notifications in milliseconds

This parameter is to change the waiting time between two notifications.

Notification display time in milliseconds

This value is for the visible time of the notification. It will disappear after given amount of time.

Widget position on website

This select box represents where the Koraki widget should appear on websites. Widget position can have one of the following values.

  • Bottom Left

  • Bottom Right

  • Top Left

  • Top Right

Display on mobile devices

This switch can enable or disable Koraki widget on mobile devices. If turned off, Koraki widget will not appear for users who visit your site using mobile devices.

Widget position on mobile

Just like widget position on website, this represents the position to display the widget on mobile screens. It can have one of the following values.

  • Bottom

  • Top

Active notifications count

Maximum active notification count before it repeats. Koraki will keep given number of most recent notifications and archive the older ones.

Active notifications duration in days

Lifetime of a notification before it's expired. Koraki shows notifications created last given number of days.