Adding Koraki to a site

Explains how to add Koraki to a website and what are the changes you need to make on your website.

You can add Koraki widget to a website using the JavaScript snippet or use a pre-made integration.

Check screen casting of this guide​

JavaScript snippet

You can find the JavaScript snippet by going to the Koraki application and clicking the Integrations tab. You will find a script similar to following

<script>window.sparkleSettings = { app_id: "application_client_id" }; !function(){function t(){var t=a.createElement("script"); t.type="text/javascript", t.async=!0,t.src="//"; var e=a.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];e.parentNode.insertBefore(t,e)} var e=window,a=document;e.attachEvent?e.attachEvent("onload",t):e.addEventListener("load",t,!1)}();</script>

  1. First you need to select and copy the script from Koraki admin panel.

  2. Open the footer/header view script (html, php etc) of your website.

  3. Paste the script inside <head></head> tags or after </body>

  4. Save or upload the updated html view file.

Try to pick a common script which executes with all web requests. We suggest you to pick footer or header area because it is available on all pages

Don't see the widget yet?

You might not see Koraki notification widget on your website because it has no notifications to show yet. You can double check this by making sure following check list is completed

  • Have you made any integration?

  • Can you see any entry in notifications tab of admin panel?

  • Do you have a paid subscription? (Live analytics notifications are available only on paid plans)

Using integrations