Some questions we know that you have. If you still don't find the answer, contact us!

What is social proof marketing

Think of an empty shop. Nobody will go inside. What if visitors see the shop is full with people? Everybody will at least go inside and check what's so special. Social proof is using existing customers to do your marketing.

What is Koraki?

Koraki is a widget you can install on your website. It collects customer events from various sources and creates notifications. These are publicly displayed on your website so visitors will see what's happening inside and how other customers trust you.

Do I need to know coding?

No, not really. You can install Koraki on your website by going into Integrations tab of admin section. With few clicks you can integrate Koraki with 1000+ apps. You can develop your own integration using our API too.

My website has a different color theme. Can I change the notification colors?

Yes, you can completely change the UI of the widget from Koraki admin panel. Check this article to see how you can customize the notification widget.